Kakaiba Style


Poppy Mericano

Loud Mouse

Body Desert Hopping Mouse
Blood Lust
Arrival July 10

Poppy is a bubbly and enthusiastic woman who loves to make a positive presence. Her overabundant energy is evident in conversations, where she tends to slip in painfully straightforward comments without forethought. She's also uncomfortably expressive with little sense of personal space, often throwing her arms on shoulders or smacking people upside the head when she often plays around. She is not outright malicious, however - if she were to accidentally hurt someone's feelings or hit someone a little too hard, one can find her quickly scrambling to piece together an apology. Despite these social shortcomings, her welcoming, vibrant attitude brings life to any venue she visits.

Funny, everyone knows me as the rowdy playful Loud Mouse, and here I am tarnishin’ my own legacy with this here interview. Ah, hell with it. I'll be dead by the time anyone else sees this ‘nyways.